If you are in Colorado Springs, here are some workshops I have designed just for business owners. You must RSVP in order to reserve your spot.

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    Discover Your IDEAL CLIENT

    Tired of dealing with the good, bad and the ugly on your new client segmentation lists? What if you could just increase your "Best Client" segment by 25%, 50%, or even 100% this next year?  Unleash the power of an IDEAL CLIENT focused business practice.

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    Your STORY is your MAGIC

    Uncovering your own STORY is the key for leadership. Whether you want to put power into your public speaking, increase your effectiveness as a team leader, or win more clients, this workshop will help you put your STORY first!

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    Health and growth starts with the person. Then this affects the team, and later the company. Need help building sacred space for your family, ruling your calendar, or getting joy back into your life? This workshop will give you the skills to improve now!

    Don't see dates on the workshop that interests you? Drop H.B. a note and light a fire.