I was 52 years old when I woke up and realized that my life plan was not working. I had invested in my career for thirty years, coached countless others, founded some great business startups, and worked to publish a myriad of creative works, but there I was, all of that behind me, and there was no money in the bank and no retirement of any kind. I mean I had a plan, sure, most everyone has a plan, but the problem was I never acted on the plan.

Next step: get help. I met a guy last year I immediately liked–his personality, his enthusiasm–and as I got to know him I discovered he was a financial planner. I called him up and said, “Tim, I need help.” He never missed a beat, he asked a few questions, challenged a few of my fears, and in just a few days I grew confident that I would be OK. Why? Because he helped me take action on the plan.

What changed for me was simple. I did not find a hidden investment trick. I did not find a stock market algorithm. What I found was a friend. I like to think of him as a coaching friend who showed me in simple terms how to set a reasonable goal, get off the couch, and take one step to getting it done.

How does this affect you? Well, I was so impressed with the uplifting direction of my relationship with him that I decided to join his company. I have been coaching and encouraging people my whole life to live better, set goals, overcome obstacles and accomplish great things. I decided that if I added this essential piece–smart, one-step-at-a-time financial planning–that it would only improve my positive impact. Are you making upward moves in your life plan? Is your financial plan causing you to jump up and down and celebrate with confidence? If not, I would love to be a friend to you.


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