• Growth Advocate®

    A strategy coach ready to get his hands dirty in order to help you succeed!

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    I registered this trademark because I believe in the power of advocating for the success of others. I have learned a lot of leadership lessons the hard way. My four decades of pioneering messages and projects has developed my acumen for business. I apply these insights in my role as a fraction leader for firms who sell wisdom, not stuff. -H.B.


    "In a very short period of time, H.B. and the Ideal Client Experience has helped our advisory team clarify our best future together. We have been setting better goals and working together to achieve better results." - Yazmin F., Advisor


    "Our organization prides itself on the service we provide our clients. H.B. really helped us understand in which areas we are succeeding and what we can do to continue improving. The material was mind blowing and exceptional." - Kenneth B., Advisor, Owner


    "H.B. brings creative insights and a perspective from a different part of the brain than you would typically use in standard organizational leadership."- Jonathan, President and CEO, Non-Profit


     "This engagement has provided clarity in my business vision and how to strategically grow my wealth management practice. H.B. has been a masterful coach at making me aware of my potential."- Erik, Financial Advisor 


    "I needed someone with experience to help me through the business development process. H.B. brings so much real life experience and insight to our work together it makes me feel confident that he will help me accomplish the goals I've set for myself."- Amelia, Design Business Owner 


    "Without H.B.‘s intentional guidance, practical next steps, personalized approach, and constant encouragement, we never would have prioritized growth to this level."- Whitney, Director of Marketing and Development